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Renewed apology over Lyra McKee killing dismissed as ‘hollow’

The journalist was shot as she observed a riot in Londonderry last April.

Murdered journalist Lyra McKee (Chiho Tang/Oranga Creative)
Murdered journalist Lyra McKee (Chiho Tang/Oranga Creative)

By Rebecca Black, PA

A renewed apology issued by dissident terrorists over the killing of Lyra McKee has been dismissed as “hollow”.

The 29-year-old journalist died after being shot in Londonderry as she observed a riot last April.

In a statement to the Irish News newspaper, the New IRA issued a renewed apology over the killing.

The group admitted responsibility and offered “sincere apologies” last April.

This week it claimed it has introduced new “measures” for members involved in carrying out future attacks.

The statement said: “The IRA again take this opportunity to offer our full and sincere apologies to the partner and family and friends of Lyra McKee for her death.

“Our volunteers have been instructed to take the utmost care in future when engaging the enemy and we have put in place measures to ensure this.”

However, the group also pledged to “meet force with force” in reference to the security forces.

“Against a background of the British government and its proxies stamping their authority on Ireland by force, we in the IRA intend meeting force with force,” it said.

“Finally, we look forward to a successful 2020 and to consolidation of the struggle against the illegal British occupation and all that it entails.”

The representative body for police officers in Northern Ireland branded the apology as “hollow”.

“Hollow words from terrorists,” the Police Federation tweeted.

“The only way to ensure this never happens again, is to disengage from trying to murder ANYONE and accept that the overwhelming majority of people want to live in peace.”

Earlier this week Ms McKee was posthumously awarded a Master of Arts degree in online journalism by Birmingham City University, where she previously studied for a distance learning master’s degree.

Her sister Nichola Corner accepted the honour at a ceremony held at Symphony Hall Birmingham.



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