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Replify crowned Belfast's Brainiest Business

Test your knowledge with 12 questions from the Brainiest Business quiz at the bottom

By Valerie Edwards

Twenty-five businesses flexed their mental muscles in eight rounds of quirky questions, but only one team took the crown as the Belfast Chamber of Trade & Commerce’s (BCTC) Brainiest Business.

Replify, a computer system and software company, took home the trophy and the title of Brainiest Business in Belfast by scoring 134 points.

Each team member received prizes sponsored by CastleCourt, Oasis Travel, and Bank of Ireland UK.

Rozy Corry from Replify said: “It was all great fun and a really good crack. We're a team of nerds. We are a software company and unfortunately there were very few software questions for us to answer.

“But we seemed to manage and pull it out of the bag in the end. The music round was the hardest for us, but we are ecstatic and over the moon that we won.

The event took place at Ten Square Hotel and was hosted by U105’s Denise Watson. The Brainiest Business quiz was a part of U105’s Operation Purple Week, and raised money for Northern Ireland's Children’s Hospice.

NI Children’s Hospice is the only service of its type in NI caring for children and young people with very complex needs. The competition raised £1,300 last night, which will go directly to the hospice.

BCTC President, Hugh Black, said: “Events like this are well supported and a lot of members see the value of bringing their staff because it's good for team and work morale.

“I think it was a big success, we raised money for the Children's Hospice tonight and it's really all for a good cause with a bit of fun.”

Ellen Hillen, NI Hospice corporate fundraising manager, said that their center cares for over 3,000 adults and children. She said: “Events like this are really important to us to help generate income for hospice, to get our message out there and create awareness for what hospice does.”

NI Hospice partnered with U105 for their Operation Purple week and Peter McVerry, station manager at U105, said: ”We really wanted to help lift the profile and size of the event and encourage more people to take part to help lift the success of it.”

Other winners of the night included, CastleCourt came in second with 128 points - each team member received a bottle of wine - and Bailies Coffee came in third with 122 points.

Ross Kane, business development manager at Bailies Coffee said: “We made a few mistakes in some rounds and we were kicking ourselves for the few music questions we should've gotten, but we did well with the street names in Belfast.”

Bailies Coffee has been participating in the annual Brainiest Business quiz since it started six years ago.

Ross added: “This was definitely the busiest competition and best attended and supported quiz that we've been at.”

Bailies Coffee will be sponsoring the Big Coffee Break on International Coffee Day to help raise money for NI Hospice.

Other businesses that participated were GM Marketing, Blackfox, Code Six, Selective, and Andras Hotels.

The competition featured a sports, music, picture, and business round and some teams found certain rounds harder than others. 

Songs from the music round featured artists Prince, Tony Bennett, Pink, David Bowie, and Katy Perry.

Nicki Luney from Superdry said: “We didn't do too well, but it's good fun. For us the business round was the hardest.”

MKB Law team member, Damian Keenan, said: “The sports round was the hardest for our team, but it's a really good cause and it's good for so many people to come out and support.”

Jamie Stitt from Havana Bank Square said: “I didn't expect the questions to be so hard, but we did really well in the music round.”

John Lunn from Lunn's Jewellers said: “I think the whole way it was put on and the fun of the evening was great. The music round was the hardest and we thought we would have been good at that, but we were absolutely awful.”

Each team member had to pay £6 to participate in the competition. Twenty-seven prizes were raffled including four gift vouchers from Lidl, a custom made shirt worth £120 from Suitor Belfast, and two Swan Lake tickets sponsored by the Grand Opera House.

Test your knowledge with these questions from the Brainiest Business quiz:

Answers below

1. Cecil the Lion was killed during a big game hunt in which country?

2. How many colours are in the official Google logo?

3. What is the name of the Parade's Commission form that must be completed in order to conduct a parade in NI?

4. Which of the seven ancient wonders of the world still exists?

5. Which embassy in London is giving asylum to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange?

6. The European Court of Justice denied Nestle's request to trademark the shape of which popular chocolate?

7. What is the name of television documentary series on the Belfast Charles Hurst dealership?

8. Which country won the Women's World Cup in 2015?

9. On a dart board, which number is to the left of the 20?

10. How many characters are in a Tweet?

11. How many swans a swimming did my true love send to me in the Twelve Days of Christmas song?

12. Which part of the Russian empire was sold to the U.S. in 1867?



1 .Zimbabwe

2. 4 - Blue, Red, Yellow, Green

3. Form 11/1

4. The Great Pyramid of Giza

5. Ecuador

6. Kit Kat

7. House of Cars

8. U.S.A

9. 5

10. 140

11. Seven

12. Alaska

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