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Reports a man has died of swine flu in Northern Ireland hospital

A man has died of flu in a Northern Ireland hospital - amid claims he had the H1N1 strain formerly known as swine flu.

The death comes as health authorities said there had been 150 cases of swine flu reported in the last four weeks in Northern Ireland.

A child also recently died of swine flu in Dublin hospital.

On Tuesday, DUP Upper Bann MLA Sydney Anderson claimed the man died of swine flu in Craigavon Area Hospital.

Both the South Eastern Trust and the Public Health Authority (PHA) have refused to comment on the matter.

The PHA issued a statement reminding people to get the vaccination.

It also reports that in the past four weeks, one person has died of flu and another seven remain in a serious condition in hospital with the condition.

Mr Anderson said: "It is obviously worrying to hear that someone has died who has suffered from swine flu. Whilst it seems the man did suffer from other underlying health conditions it will obviously cause some degree of concern amongst the public.

"Whilst swine flu has not been in the headlines as it has been in previous years, such incidents highlight the importance of vaccination. The flu vaccination can protect against various strains of flu, including the H1N1 swine flu, and for vulnerable groups such as older people and those with other medical conditions it is vital they ensure they are protected.

"My thoughts are with the family of the man who passed away in Craigavon, and it is vital that the importance of vaccinations are highlighted as a simple procedure could help prevent other deaths caused by swine flu."

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