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'Reprehensible' arson attack on Craigavon church condemned


Myrtle Morrison surveys the damage at her church

Myrtle Morrison surveys the damage at her church

Myrtle Morrison surveys the damage at her church

Police are investigating an arson attack on a Protestant church in Craigavon.

Police were called to St Saviour's Church on Drumgor West Road at around 4.20am after the church was set ablaze.

It is believed that slates were removed from the roof of the premises with something dropped through and set alight.

Damage was caused to the inside of the property following the incident. No was injured in the incident.

DUP MP Carla Lockhart described those behind the attack as "reprehensible".

“I am shocked to learn of this attack on a local place of worship. Attacking a church that does so much positive work in the local community truly is reprehensible.

"Those who engage in such mindless behaviour contribute nothing to our society but hurt and harm. I urge the community to work alongside the PSNI to being the perpetrators to justice.

"I have visited the church and spoken with partitioners and Mr Morrison. They are determined not to let this deter their Christian witness in the local area.”

DUP councillor Margaret Tinsley added: “This is a shocking incident, and my thoughts are with the Rector, Myrtle Morrison, and the congregation at St Saviour’s.

"A church is a place of sanctuary and hope for many, and I know this attack will cause much upset to many in the local community.”

UUP MLA Doug Beattie said: “It is scarcely credible that anyone would set out to remove roof slates and then attempt to set fire to any place of worship, but that is exactly what has happened in Craigavon this morning.

“There is no excuse whatsoever for this kind of behaviour and regardless of whether the motivation is sectarianism or vandalism, the person or persons responsible, needs to be caught and made amenable for their crime.

Anyone with information about the incident should contact police on 101, quoting reference number 222 22/07/20.

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