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Republic pays for illegal waste to be repatriated

The Republic’s taxpayers have been left to foot a bill of around €2m (£1,659,000) as work gets under way to remove thousands of tonnes of rubbish from the Republic illegally dumped at sites in Northern Ireland.

But the total cost is expected to soar as it is estimated that some 250,000 tonnes of both household and commercial waste were illegally dumped at 20 Ulster sites between 2002 and 2004.

So far an agreement has been struck to deal with just 14,000 tonnes of mainly household waste at two sites in Slattinagh, Co Fermanagh, and near Trillick, Co Tyrone.

The Republic’s Department of the Environment last night said it was not possible to estimate the total cost as it would depend on the volume and type of waste detected at the other 18 sites.

Last June, the department and its Northern Ireland counterpart confirmed they had reached agreement in the debacle over who would pick up the tab for the rubbish repatriation.

Under the agreement, both the costs of dumping the waste and 80% of the costs of removing the waste from the sites will be funded by the Irish Government.

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