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Republic shoppers in NI stampede

The weak pound is prompting more shoppers from the Republic to buy groceries in Northern Ireland, with more than 207,000 households having made a break for the border in the past year to take advantage of a favourable exchange rate.

Alcohol is the main lure, with a quarter of the €65m (£58) spent by the border-hoppers in the past 12 months having been splashed out on booze.

Research group Kantar Worldpanel said that in the past year, just over one in eight households from the Republic made at least one trip north to do a grocery shop.

"While these excursions account for a relatively small percentage of each family's supermarket visits - on average, eight out of 270 annual trips - they spend substantially more when they cross the border," according to Douglas Faughnan, consumer insight director at Kantar Worldpanel.

"Shoppers from the Republic spent €38.50 (£34.32) on an average shop in Northern Ireland while the average spend back home is €23.70 (£21.12)," Mr Faughnan added.

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