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Republic will be facing mass exodus if Adams comes to power, TD warns

By Niall O'Connor

People and businesses will flee the Republic if Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams ever becomes Taoiseach, a senior Irish politician has warned.

Fine Gael deputy leader, James Reilly, yesterday launched a stinging attack on Sinn Féin, warning there would be an exodus of capital and citizens from the country if the party came to power.

Dr Reilly accused the party of "promulgating" policies which are "utterly fantasy", and which he says would "wreck the country."

And the Children's Minister turned the screw on Mr Adams, saying that voters have told him they would emigrate if the Louth TD became Taoiseach. "Well, I've lost count of the amount of people who told me at the doors that they'd leave the country if Gerry Adams was ever Taoiseach," Dr Reilly said.

"The financial approach and the policies that Sinn Féin are promulgating are utterly fantasy and they will wreck this country, and it will cause a flight of capital."

"I think money would leave this country along with an awful lot of people if they thought Sinn Féin were going to be in power," the Dublin Fingal TD added.

Sinn Féin has consistently dismissed criticism of its economic policies in the Republic, which include a third rate of tax on income above €100,000 and the introduction of a so-called wealth tax.

But Dr Reilly's remarks illustrate Fine Gael's election strategy of targeting Sinn Féin over its economic policies, rather than its alleged links to the IRA. Fine Gael sources say they are content to let the Labour Party and Fianna Fáil highlight the recent controversies that have engulfed Sinn Féin as they are vying for support from the same pool of voters.

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