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Republicans in row as Edward Carson mural hit again

By Staff Reporters

A new mural of unionist leader Edward Carson on the Falls Road has been attacked with paint and fire.

It is the second time the controversial mural has been targeted since it went up last week.

The mural, which depicts scenes from the UVF's 1914 gunrunning as well as Carson, replaced a mural of the first IRA blanketman Kieran Nugent.

Members of the 32 County Sovereignty Movements held a protest at the mural, in the Divis area, on Friday.

They described the artwork - by Danny Devenney, who has painted many of the images on the 'International Wall' - as an "insult to the people of the Falls Road". They claimed those behind it had a "revisionist agenda".

Yesterday, in a Facebook comment, Mr Devenney wrote: "All this is not an attack on republicanism; it's an attack on art and Irish artists - artists versus narcissists!"

Earlier he criticised those opposed to his art and said he wouldn't bow to "censorship".

"Not one of them helped with the creation of any of the murals or the development of this wall as a blackboard of nationalist discontent," he wrote.

Sinn Fein MLA Fra McCann said the protest was "absolute madness". He said the new mural - which depicts Lord Carson and scenes from the loyalist gunrunning in 1914 - is a small part of a much bigger mural being created.

Meanwhile, police attended a security alert last night in nearby Falls Court after the discovery of a suspicious object. Diversions were in place at the junction of Clonard Crescent and Cupar Street Lower, and the junction of Falls Road and Conway Street.

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