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Rescue cat mauled to death in Lurgan dog attack

By Allan Preston

A Lurgan woman has been left traumatised after witnessing her pet cat being mauled to death by two dogs.

Paula Doyle, from Cypress Gardens, had just let her rescue cat Ruby out to her front garden at around 7am on Sunday when the defenceless animal was cornered by two dogs, a lurcher and a greyhound.

Ms Doyle (43) was in tears as she revealed how she had suffered cuts and bruises to her fingers and legs while trying to save Ruby.

"I went upstairs for a minute and heard my cat in the middle of the road with two dogs round it," she said.

"I ran out with no shoes and Ruby darted up an alleyway with the dogs chasing her. One of them, a tan-coloured dog which looked like a greyhound, caught her and dragged her through a hedge.

"I tried to get her away from the dog but it would not let go.

"The dog ran out of the alleyway and threw it across a field.

"I was screaming my head off trying to get some help."

Ms Doyle said the man she believed to be the owner soon appeared.

"By this stage the cat was already dead because the dog had swung it left and right," she said.

"I was distraught and that man did not apologise to me.

"I told him his dogs shouldn't be running free without a muzzle and my cat had been killed.

"He didn't say anything."

After carrying her bloodied cat home, Ms Doyle was so upset she needed a neighbour to call the police and had to then break the news to her two teenagers.

The USPCA and council dog warden have since been informed.

It's reported this is now the third dog attack in the Kilwilkie area of Lurgan in a week.

One dog, Woody, survived after being mauled by two dogs while a puppy named Benji had to be put down after being attacked, again by two dogs, on Saturday.

Ms Doyle added: "I don't want another family to go through this, it's not nice to see another animal being savaged.

"I have two beagles, a springer and a puppy myself who are properly supervised.

"But if a dog presents a risk it must be kept on a lead and with a muzzle."

Upper Bann DUP Assembly member Carla Lockhart, said: "This is yet another worrying incident involving a dog. Dog owners need to be responsible especially when around other animals or children."

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