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Rescue dog brutally injured after being used as bait 'happy and wagging his tail'

Warning graphic images

The health of the dog savagely injured after being used as bait in a dog fight is improving, with the animal rescue centre caring for him saying he is happy and wagging his tail.

Benvardin Animal Rescue Kennels (BARK) in Ballymoney took in the four-year-old German shepherd, greyhound cross on Monday.

The Ballycastle dog warden found the animal wandering about the Co Antrim town in a very poor state of health.

He had been brutally savaged in an apparent dog baiting incident.

His left ear was ripped off and puncture wounds in his neck were so deep they had penetrated the muscle.

Following several visits to the vet it is feared the animal may have to undergo a procedure to remove what remains of his ear.

Despite his ordeal, staff at the centre say he is doing well and improving.

"It's incredible given what he has been through, he is very resilient," said Sean McIntyre, charity organiser for BARK.

"The photos actually make him look worse than what he did when he first arrived with us because he has had to have his fur shaved off and all the wounds cleaned.

"But he is a very loving, placid animal and he is happy with us and wagging his tail, which is a good sign."

Thank you to all of you who have tried to contact us to offer donations to help with the medical care and rehabilitation...

Posted by Benvardin kennels on Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Since BARK first publicised the dog's injuries online there has been a huge reaction to the graphic images and the details of his injuries.

Thousands have taken to BARK's Facebook page to vent their anger that the animal was treated in such a manner and left for dead.

Sean added: "People don't think this kind of thing happens on their doorstep, but it's a fact of life.

"There are those that use dogs as bait for fighting.

"It's sad to say, but it does still happen."

BARK is asking people to help name the dog while they care for him.

It's hoped that when he is patched up, a loving family home can be found for him.

Sean added: "He is still frightened to be around people, which you can understand from what he has been through.

"But hopefully we can find him somewhere to call home where he will be safe."

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