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Rescue dog Molly safe after sparking road chaos on Belfast motorway

By Sue Doherty

A Pomeranian dog which was adopted from an animal shelter less than a year ago had to be rescued again this week after wandering on to a busy Belfast motorway during yesterday morning's rush hour.

The little animal caused chaos as motorists on the M1 swerved to avoid it and screeched to a halt.

Luckily, the PSNI confirmed, there were no crashes.

And the dog, called Molly, was lucky too, because she made her way on to the central reservation and was rescued at around 9.30am.

Owner Imelda O'Reilly, who lives in the city centre, was delighted to learn that her beloved pet was found safe and well, especially after such a hair-raising adventure.

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph last night, Imelda explained that Molly had gone missing on Friday, along with another of her dogs, a three-year-old Yorkshire terrier called Bella.

"Bella was found close to the house later on Friday but there was no sign of poor Molly and I was worried sick.

"I put the word out everywhere to try to find her."

Imelda adopted Molly nine months ago from an animal shelter.

"She was in a very bad state when we got her and she's still very nervous around people."

Over the weekend, Imelda was told of a few sightings. Her son Tiernan (17) even spotted Molly on the Grosvenor Road when he was walking to school, but the dog became nervous and ran off.

Shortly after that, her daughter Maria told her she'd seen a photo which had been posted online in response to their appeals.

The picture showed Molly on the motorway, with police officers at the scene.

"It was panic stations then," Imelda said.

"We were so relieved when I got a call from Jacqui at Pets Lost and Found Northern Ireland saying that Molly was safe and I could collect her from the police station.

"By this time, I'd heard that three cars had crashed and I was not really sure if I wanted to go near the station," Imelda laughed.

"But I did and I'm delighted. There weren't any crashes and Molly is back home safe."

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