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Rescued Australian Tomcat is running out of lives as hunt for owner stalls

By Joanne Sweeney

Rescuers fear that time is running out for Ozzie - the Australian Tomcat found in Co Armagh - to be reunited with his owners.

The cat's kidneys are failing and he remains on a drip since he was brought to the attention of Armagh Cats Protection volunteers last week.

It has now been confirmed by the Australian Animal Registry that he was microchipped in Sydney in 2000 at the age of two, which makes him an elderly 17 years old.

The affectionate cat was registered under the name of Tigger -no doubt due to his ginger stripes.

However, despite a Belfast Telegraph appeal to help his rescuers find out how he ended up in Co Armagh, having travelled from Australia and then to London, there is no new information.

"Ozzie's kidneys are failing and his blood results continue not to be encouraging," said Armagh Cats Protection co-ordinator Gillian McMullen. "He puts me in mind of old Bagpuss, he's battered and torn but still loved.

"Even though he was ill and his coat was in poor condition when he was found, he came forward easily to me crying and he just wanted to be cuddled.

"He's an old cat and we would like him to have as much TLC as possible by those who used to love him for what's left of his life."

Gillian plans to take Ozzie home with her but is worried about the cost of his care

Donations, made out to Armagh Cats Protection, can be sent to Willow Veterinary Clinic, 7 Mahon Road, Portadown, or online at

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