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Rescued: the pup who spent 48 hours trapped in a rock crevice

He may be safe and sound now, but this inquisitive puppy has been through quite an ordeal.

Four-month-old Collie Megan spent 48 harrowing hours trapped near the summit of Black Mountain after she literally took a wrong turn during a walk and fell down a 10m rock crevice.

Her owners 10-year-old Dylan Lyttle and his dad James from the Ballygomartin area of Belfast tried to pull Megan out but the hole was too narrow.

They ran to a nearby farmer’s house and he alerted the emergency services.

For the next 48 hours, a resourceful and determined team of USPCA and Fire and Rescue Service personnel battled with the elements to save the life of the increasingly vulnerable creature.

Then shortly after 2pm yesterday, the lucky pup emerged safely from the fissure and eventually into the arms of her doting family.

Speaking last night, Mr Lyttle said he could not thank the rescuers enough.

“Megan is a lovely wee puppy. She was a gift for Dylan. He is just so glad to have her home, we all are.

“She has been through a big ordeal but she is OK now.

“We can’t thank the rescuers enough. We would be lost without them.”

Stephen Philpott, chief executive of the USPCA, added: “The successful rescue of Megan is a remarkable achievement.”

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