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Resident (88) suffered bad fall and alleged sex assault

Case Study 1

Resident A was 88 years old and living with dementia.

They had been living at home until hospitalised following a number of falls, after which they were discharged to rehabilitation and then subsequently placed in Dunmurry Manor nursing unit.

The family felt the home, and particularly the nursing unit, was busy and chaotic from the start.

They noted the high turnover of managers - five during their relative's time in the home - and nursing staff.

It was their experience that staff were regularly seen sitting in the dining room or lounge doing their paperwork. Buzzers were not answered.

The resident's dentures and wedding ring went missing. Family raised concerns about the personal care and continence support.

The resident suffered a number of serious incidents - the first was a head injury caused by a fall that required 17 staples.

The family stated that the then manager asked them not to bring a formal complaint as lessons had been learnt.

The resident was then the victim of a suspected sexual assault by another resident, followed shortly thereafter by another unexplained incident when they were found lying on the floor of the other resident's room.

Neither incident was properly reported or dealt with to the family's satisfaction.

There were delays in notifying the PSNI and trusts' safeguarding teams after the first incident.

There was a failure to place the alleged perpetrator under one-to-one supervision following the first suspected sexual assault.

Dunmurry Manor failed to call an ambulance after the second incident, and the family had to insist that this was done.

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