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Residents angry after shots fired at Derry house with four young children inside

By Donna Deeney

A gun attack on a house with a man and four young children inside has been described as "reckless in the extreme" by local residents.

At least two gunmen are understood to have fired several shots at the house in Racecourse Drive in the Shantallow area of Londonderry on Monday night.

While a police cordon and police presence remained in place at the scene for most of yesterday, the man and the four children - all understood to be under the age of 11 - had left the house.

The area is popular with young families and is part of a densely populated part of Derry.

People living there were outraged at the attack.

One mother of three said: "I have a son of 15 and he was still outside when the shots were fired but you can be sure the gunmen didn't think or care about who they hit. I can't get my head around how anyone could fire shots at random into a house where there were four children.

"I wonder how they would have felt if they had hit one of the children, or would they even care.

"This city is getting worse, it is turning into the land of cowboys where if you step out of line at all you get shot or kneecapped."

Another woman who also has a young family added: "Talk about reckless in the extreme, this has to be among the maddest things I have heard of in a long time.

"There were four wee children inside that house. Who shoots at a house with four children inside?

"That is disgusting. This sort of vigilante street thuggery is going on all the time in Derry but people are too afraid to speak out about it as far as I see.

"People are scared because they are afraid there will be a knock on their door next but something needs to be done about it.

"I don't know the man who lives in that particular house and I don't know what he may or may not have done but these boys are not the law even though they might like to think they are."

Local politicians were also critical of the attack.

SDLP councillor Brian Tierney said: "Shots were fired at a home with a man and four children present; this was a reckless attack that could have ended in tragedy.

"It's through luck rather than design that we aren't dealing with horrifying scenes.

"Those responsible have nothing to offer this community. They are the remnants of a time and a place we have long left behind.

"They should get off the back of this community. I would appeal to anyone who saw or heard anything in the area last night to come forward to police as soon as possible."

Sinn Fein Foyle MLA Raymond McCartney added: "This attack, during which shots were fired at a house in Racecourse Drive, is wrong and must be condemned.

"Thankfully no one was injured in this incident but it must have been a frightening experience for those in the vicinity.

"There is no place for guns on our streets and those behind these attacks need to end their war with the community."

A police spokesman has appealed for witnesses or anyone with information to contact them on 101.

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