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Residents call in police after pet cats found poisoned

By Deborah McAleese

Residents of a small Newtownabbey cul-de-sac have called in the police amid concerns their cats may have been deliberately poisoned.

At least six cats in the Hydepark Manor area are suspected of having been poisoned over the past few weeks.

Police said that the poisoning has resulted in the deaths of three cats. However, residents in the area believe the number could be much higher.

During a post-mortem one of the cats tested positive for anti-freeze, the PSNI said.

Julie Blair, whose two cats died from poisoning, said other owners in the area are worried about the safety of their animals.

“We believe that this is deliberate and we are living in fear that someone is going to keep doing this. It is terrifying for everyone who loves their cats. I was absolutely devastated when my two died; whoever did this to them is just disgusting,” Julie said.

Her cat Panzer was found dead in her garage last month and the vet confirmed that he had been poisoned.

The following day her 10-month-old kitten Puces became ill and had to be put down.

An autopsy carried out by the vet showed he had been poisoned by anti-freeze.

“Puces was only 10 months old. I should have had him for 20 years.

“When I began to tell my neighbours I became aware of other cats who had died suddenly.

“Four have definitely been poisoned and we suspect there are a whole lot more.

“What sort of person could do such a thing? We believe that somebody is putting the anti-freeze in food or milk,” said Julie.

She added: “My cats are all rescued cats.

“I like being able to give them a good home, but I can’t possibly take in any more now knowing that they might be poisoned.

“All the neighbours who have cats, we are all getting up really early in the mornings and feeding the life out of our cats, hoping that it will keep their wee bellies full and they won’t eat any food that we haven’t put out ourselves.”

The PSNI said it has been made aware that between four and six cats may have been poisoned in Hydepark Manor, resulting in the death of three.

A spokeswoman for the PSNI said officers are keen to establish if the suspected poisonings are deliberate and have appealed for help from the public.

Anyone with information can contact police by calling 0845 600 8000.

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