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Residents fail to stop flashpoint parade band

By Clare Weir

A band is to be allowed to accompany a contentious Royal Black Preceptory feeder parade in Ardoyne today after a last minute court ruling last night.

The High Court upheld a Parades Commission decision to allow the band to walk alongside marchers and Mr Justice McCloskey last night dismissed an application for judicial review which was submitted by a resident on Friday.

But Mr McCloskey criticised loyal orders for not engaging in dialogue with residents' associations about flashpoint parades.

The Crumlin and Ardoyne Residents Association (CARA) has been to court twice in two months in a bid to have parades through the area restricted.

“The court sincerely trusts that engagement in future will render unnecessary legal challenges of this kind,” said Mr McCloskey.

A lawyer for the resident said people living along the route felt it was a provocative gesture to allow the marchers to be accompanied by the Pride of Ardoyne flute band, which he claimed had controversial links with the UVF.

Those opposed to the parade say they will hold dignified and peaceful protests.

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