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Residents fight 100-acre proposal at Dundrod

By Rebecca Black

Local residents have strongly opposed plans to create a new cemetery for Belfast residents in a rural area of south Antrim.

Belfast City Council has been searching for decades for a site to establish a new cemetery.

Initially a site in Castlereagh at Lisleen was considered, but its attention has turned to a 100-acre site at Dundrod.

In January the parks and leisure committee of the council agreed to commission detailed drawings and investigate access to the site. The council has yet to consult on the plans and is next due to discuss the matter at committee in September.

Dundrod residents have already expressed opposition to a new cemetery in their midst.

Lisburn councillor James Tinsley said he felt aggrieved that his council had not been consulted despite the planned cemetery being "right on the doorstep". He claimed the roads in Dundrod could not support the traffic that a new, large cemetery would bring and also expressed concern about the implications on the Ulster Grand Prix, which takes place in the area every year.

"Anyone who knows this area, and especially the locals, will know the dangers that the road imposes, the number of accidents that have already occurred on the road and the very bad bends on the road, never mind bringing hundreds of people daily from the city of Belfast to this rural part of the country," he said.

Deputy chair of Belfast City Council's parks and leisure committee Caoimhín Mac Giolla Mhín said the council has made no commitment to build a cemetery on the site in Dundrod.

"Belfast City Council are exploring all options and have been exploring numerous sites over the past 20 or 30 years," he said.

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