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Residents hit out at GAA flags flown on Belfast lamp-posts

By Suzanne Breen

A south Belfast residents group which has objected to Union and paramilitary flags has hit out at the erection of GAA flags on lamp-posts in the area.

The blue and yellow flags have appeared in the upmarket Malone area of Belfast ahead of local team St Brigid's game against Dunloy in the GAA intermediate football final this weekend.

In a post on social media, South Belfast Residents Against Flags (SBRAF) said it was "disappointing to see yet more flags on lamp-posts in south Belfast".

The group said it had been told that the flags would be taken down immediately after the game.

However, it added: "A bit of sensitivity wouldn't go amiss. There are residents who perceive GAA flags as sectarian and there really is no reason why supporting residents can't hang them from their own property or indeed from GAA 'grounds'.

"Can't be one law for one and another for everybody else. SBRAF does not support any flags hanging for any reason from public utilities. Hang your legal flags from your own property."

The new group has campaigned against the UVF flags in Cantrell Close and unionist flags on the Ormeau Road.

Around 250 people attended its first ever rally in Cherryvale Park in the summer, which was addressed by spokeswoman Dominica McGowan.

Some of the group's supporters criticised its stance on GAA flags.

However, the group stood its ground and said that it was important to adopt a consistent approach.

"SBRAF is against all flags on public property regardless of what they are supporting.

"No issue with flags being flown on private property," it said.

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