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Residents rage at ‘appalling’ property

Residents in an area in Newtownabbey are up in arms over the “appalling conditions” of a property in their street, a local |councillor has said.

Local Alderman Nigel Hamilton was contacted by concerned residents about the property in Harmin, Glengormley, which has for “a number of years been badly neglected” and now presents a “very serious health hazard” to residents who live adjacent to and close by the abandoned house.

Alderman Hamilton has taken up the pleas from residents and offered his support in trying to get the site cleaned up.

“I have been aware of the property and in the past got the Housing Executive to secure the building which was being used by young people as a drinking den and gathering point from which anti-social behaviour was being carried out,” he said.

“The big problem now is focused around the dumping of household waste, old toilets, fridges and large amounts of other discarded waste.

“There is a vermin problem and it is having a huge impact on the residents in the Harmin area and those who live adjacent to the site.

“I am currently working with Newtownabbey Borough Council's Environmental Services staff to force action on the part of the owner to clean up the site.

“I am also working to ensure that in the future the site and property is maintained appropriately.

“It is unacceptable that this property can be left in this condition; its impact on property prices and the amenity of residents who do live in the area need to be paramount.”

A spokeswoman for Newtownabbey Borough Council said: “The council has written to the owner of the property requesting that waste is removed within the next 14 days.

“Should the owner fail to do this, the council can then serve a notice which requires them by law then to remove the waste.

“Failure to respond to this notice will result in court action and a potential fine of £5,000.”

A spokesman for the Northern Ireland Housing Executive said: “This property has been properly steeled and it is a matter for the local council.”

The owner was unavailable for comment.

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