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Residents 'tortured' and homes damaged as unrest continues at Belfast interface

By Claire Williamson

Three homes have had their windows smashed as sporadic violence continued in east Belfast.

The attacks happened in the Albertbridge Road area at around 9.40pm on Monday.

A short time later a police vehicle was damaged in Lord Street at around 10.05pm.

In his appeal for information, Chief Inspector David Moore reiterated his call for parents to make sure they are aware of their children's whereabouts.

He said: "I appeal to parents to ensure that they know the whereabouts of their children as anyone that is caught engaging in disorder or criminal damage is likely to end up with a criminal record."

East Belfast MP Naomi Long said those behind the attacks are doing nothing but "torturing" residents.

"The pressure which this is placing on residents is completely intolerable," she said.

"Night after night they have to live with violence, or with the fear of violence. Their homes are damaged and their peace disturbed.

"The trouble we have seen does nothing but disrupt people's lives, cause difficulties for businesses and prevent further investment in east Belfast by perpetuating a negative view to the outside world."

The sporadic violence in the east of the city has continued over the past weeks. Last week under-siege residents on both sides of the bitter sectarian interface urged police to do more to end attacks on their homes.

The incidents included a 15-year-old boy sustaining serious head fractures.

Jordan Else sustained two fractures to his skull and cuts and bruises to his face after he was set on last Monday. Police also came under attack on the same night.

A police officer was hurt and one man arrested for disorder. Some of those involved in the trouble were said to be carrying golf clubs. The attack came 24 hours after a police sergeant was injured while trying to contain a 60-strong mob which pelted the police with missiles at the east Belfast interface at Castlereagh Street.

Just days later a 75-year-old woman from the Short Strand was cut by shards of glass when a boulder was thrown through her front window.

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