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Respect unionism plea in build-up Balmoral Review

A plea for respect of unionist history has been made ahead of a next month’s centenary of the Balmoral Review, a mass demonstration against the Home Rule Bill which threatened the union in 1912.

Members of the Joint Unionist Centenary Committee (JUCC), made up of unionist and loyalist groups, have launched plans to commemmorate the 100th anniversary of the Review when 200,000 unionists gathered to protest the third Home Rule Bill.

The two-day anniversary event, to take place at Ormeau Park, will feature a cultural village, entertainment, religious services and parades.

JUCC chairman David Nicholl told the News Letter: “This is not just an event for unionism. We are reaching out and inviting minority communities such as the Chinese community and Polish community to come along on the Friday evening.”

Belfast Telegraph