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Restaurant fined over food safety

An Indian restaurant in Belfast which had mould in the fridge and decaying food on the floor has been fined £1,000.

Damaged food containers exposed Sonali diners to the danger of contamination and grease had built up on the walls of the premises, a Belfast City Council spokesman said.

Babu Rahman has taken over in the kitchen on the exclusive Lisburn Road and said standards had improved.

A council statement said: "The cleanliness of the premises was found to be unsatisfactory. There were decaying food particles on the floor, a build-up of grease on the walls and mould growth in the fridge."

It said articles directly in contact with food were not kept clean.

"The officer noted damaged food containers in the fridge, which exposed the food to a risk of contamination and part of the kitchen floor was incapable of being cleaned.

"Foodstuffs were not protected from risk of contamination due to a lack of staff hand-washing and raw food above ready to eat food."

There was also excessive accumulation of waste overflowing from the outside bins belonging to the restaurant.

The owner of the south Belfast restaurant, Sonali Belfast Ltd, was fined £1,000 for six food safety offences and ordered to pay £66 court costs at a Belfast court.

The prosecution was taken by the council following a routine inspection on October 6 2011. The council has confirmed that hygiene at the premises had subsequently improved.


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