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Rethink on hurt police compensation

The system for compensating police officers injured on duty is set for a major overhaul, Justice Minister David Ford has said.

Mr Ford published the final report on the review of police injury pensions commissioned in May after concerns over how some former officers had been treated.

The report has promised a raft of reforms including a pledge to backdate successful appeals on awards made to officers.

Former police officers, often suffering the impact of serious injury or trauma from the Troubles, had complained at their treatment under the existing system.

Mr Ford said: "This report is an excellent example of the difference devolution can make to the people of Northern Ireland.

"We listened to the feedback from the public and a number of stakeholders and immediately set about changing the practical arrangements of the scheme.

"The recommendations in the report represent a measured package and are aimed at all stages of the process from initial assessment through to review and appeal stage."

The Review team was jointly chaired by the Department of Justice and the Northern Ireland Policing Board.


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