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Retired Special Branch officer awarded an extra £1 over Castlereagh break-in

By Alan Erwin

A retired Special Branch officer awarded £20,000 for having his details stolen during a break-in at a top Belfast security base is to receive an extra £1 in damages.

Judges in the Court of Appeal ruled yesterday that the veteran ex-constable was properly compensated for the impact the raid on Castlereagh police station had on his mental health.

But they decided he should be paid the nominal extra sum to cover a breach of the Data Protection Act.

The former officer left the force more than a year before intruders infiltrated a Special Branch office at Castlereagh on St Patrick's Day 2002.

They escaped with data and records on policemen and women and their agents inside paramilitary ranks.

Millions of pounds were spent rehousing officers and others whose security was compromised by the theft. Responsibility for the burglary was denied by the IRA at the time.

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