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Returned to hospital three times inside three months

Case Study 4

Resident C was 83 years old and living with dementia when they suffered a severe fall whilst living in supported accommodation.

The resident was admitted to Dunmurry Manor on discharge from hospital.

They weighed 15 stone when entering Dunmurry Manor, but according to their family, they weighed between five and six stone when they died five months later.

The family complained about their loved one's rapid weight loss and expressed concern that this was due to them not being assisted to eat, while food was frequently cold even before it was provided.

The family also believes that - quite often - their loved one was not offered cups of tea as this required someone to sit and help them to drink through a straw.

The resident became very dehydrated and sick and was returned to hospital three times in a three-month period.

They felt that staff did not have enough time to sit with their relative or to notice when foods were not eaten.

They felt their loved one was forgotten about because they were bed-bound and in their own room all the time.

They needed regular support with toileting but it was not clear to the family if this procedure was being carried out.

The family say that none of the staff appeared to know what medication they were supposed to be receiving and often the medication round was delayed.

The resident needed eye cream to be applied for an infection, but three days later when their relative asked for the tube of cream so that they could apply it, the tube was unopened.

They realised their loved one had never had any treatment for the eye infection.

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