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Revealed: From Kazakhstan art to bullets in the post, the gifts received by ex-Northern Ireland first ministers

Former Northern Ireland first ministers received a wide-range of gifts, from Kazakhstan art, to a "bullet pen" and chocolates, it has been revealed.

The BBC Nolan Show reported that Arlene Foster and the late Martin McGuinness both received bullets in the post.

But in this case it was in the form of a bullet pen as a gift from the Columbian President.

It was among a list of presents given to the former ministers obtained by the Radio Ulster programme.

Stormont officials said all the items were under the limit for the value of gifts offered to ministers and in the vast majority were retained by the government.

"So who ate the chocolates?" Asked former MLA Basil McCrea. He also highlighted that former Vice President Joe Biden gave Martin McGuinness a pen during a St Patrick's day visit, but there was no record of a gift for Arlene Foster.

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