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Revealed: Northern Ireland's top 2018 baby names

James topped the boys' names list - perhaps inspired by Coleraine actor James Nesbitt?
James topped the boys' names list - perhaps inspired by Coleraine actor James Nesbitt?
Emily was the second most popular girls name - perhaps NI parents were inspired by actress Emily Blunt?
Rory McIlroy appears to have influenced NI parents with his name placed 52nd on the list.
Grace took the number one spot on the girls' top 100 list. Perhaps inspired by silver screen siren Grace Kelly?
The name Jack was ranked third in the top 100. Were NI parents inspired by Love Island winner and cheeky chap Jack Fincham?
Liam was ranked in 56th place in the top boys' names list.
Ronan was ranked in 22nd place in the top boys' names list - up just one place from last year.
The name Niall was placed in 83rd place on the list.
Maisie was the 41st top girls name in Northern Ireland - were parents influenced by Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams?
Patrick was ranked in 37th place on the top boys's names list.
The name Leo came in at number 10. (Matt Crossick/PA)
Harry was ranked in 8th place on the list of top baby names.
Hendrix was one of the more obscure names for boys on the list.
The name Dara came in at 93rd place.
Sarah Tulloch

By Sarah Tulloch

Grace, James and Noah were the most popular baby names in Northern Ireland in 2018.

The Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency published the top names for boys and girls on Tuesday - with Grace knocking Emily off the girls' names top spot for the first time in five consecutive years.

This is only the third time that James has held the top boy name spot, despite being in the top five since records began in 1997.

James and Noah were the equally most popular first names given to boys during 2018, with a total of 217 boys each being given these names.

Coming in second in the top boys names was Jack, which which held the top spot for 12 consecutive years between 2003 and 2014.

Jack came in third place, with Charlie, Oliver and Leo all making the top ten.

The names Tommy, Theo and Hunter climbed the greatest number of places to join the top 100 names for boys.

Meanwhile, Brodie, Cohen, Frankie and Luca were new entries into the boys' top 10, replacing names such as Arlo, Cole, Harley, Senan and Toby, who only joined the top 100 for the first time in 2017.

Axl, Blaze, Hendrix, Phoenix and Wolf were some of the less common names given to baby boys in 2018.

On the girls' list Grace has taken first place in the top 10 for the first time since 2013. This is the thirteenth consecutive year Grace has been in the top three.

Within the girls’ top 100, the highest climbers in popularity between 2017 and 2018 were Rosie, Sadie and Saoirse.

Lily and Sophia also rose in popularity to join the girl’s top 10, replacing Charlotte and Sophia respectively for top 10 rankings.

Some of the less common names given to baby girls in 2018 were Disney, Hermione, Moana, Storm and Zandaya.

Top 10 baby names in Northern Ireland, 2018


1. James – 217 babies

1. Noah  – 217 babies

3. Jack  –  201 babies

4. Charlie  – 191 babies

5. Daniel  – 154 babies

5. Jacob  – 154 babies

7. Oliver  – 151 babies

8. Harry  – 150 babies

9. Thomas  – 142 babies

10. Leo  – 137 babies


1. Grace  – 221 babies

2. Emily – 203 babies

3. Olivia  – 178 babies

4. Sophie  – 155 babies

5. Ella  – 151 babies

6. Amelia  – 140 babies

7. Isla  – 135 babies

8. Anna  – 128 babies

9. Lily  – 125 babies

10. Lucy  – 124 babies

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