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Revellers snap up chance to get in frame for a 'Twelfthie'

By Rebecca Black

The Orange Order's call for 'Twelfthies' was enthusiastically picked up by brethren, bandsmen and parade spectators across Northern Ireland.

Twelfthies - a play on 'selfies', the self-taken photographs taken with a phone's camera - were posted on social media from hundreds of parades across the province.

Ulster Unionist Carrickfergus councillor Lindsay Millar set the early pace, taking a morning selfie with TUV councillor Timothy Gaston - who was until earlier this year deputy mayor of Mid and East Antrim - quipping he had replaced his mayoral chain with his sash.

DUP councillor Trevor Cummings was not far behind, posting a smiling Twelfthie from the demonstration in Comber to his Twitter account.

The Orange Order's David Scott practised what he preached as the promoter of the Twelfthie, by taking his own at the Dromore demonstration.

And scores of proud parents posted Twelfthies including their children online, including spectator Dorothy Crawford with her son Taylor (7) in Lawrencetown.

In Kilkeel the entire Beck family got involved with everyone squeezing into the photograph.

Others were more quirky, with one wag posting a Twelfthie of a Lego man adorned in a Sash, and some got their pet dogs involved in the online craze.

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