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Riot-accused student allowed to attend course

A university student accused of transporting a crate of petrol bombs used by rioting youths to attack police is to be allowed back into Belfast to attend his course.

David Campbell (21) had been completely banned from entering the city on charges connected to disorder surrounding a republican anti-internment parade last month. He appeared in court again yesterday seeking to have the exclusion removed from his bail conditions.

District Judge George Conner refused to let him move back to his home at Clyde Court in the east of the city after police insisted tensions remain high at a nearby interface. But he added: "I will vary the term in relation to the exclusion to allow him to travel directly to and from university."

Campbell and 24-year-old Brian Millar, of Beechfield Street in Belfast, are jointly charged with aiding and abetting the throwing of petrol bombs and possessing the devices in suspicious circumstances.

They were arrested by police investigating an outbreak of rioting in the north of the city on August 9.

Lawyers for both defendants have disputed the charges, stressing that the case against them depends on identification evidence.

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