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Rioter gets four years for attack on officers

A man who admitted throwing a petrol bomb at police during rioting on July 12 last year has been jailed for four years.

Belfast Crown Court Judge Tom Burgess said despite the petrol bomb, thrown by Emmet Doherty (21), falling short of police lines by at least 20 metres, it was a “lethal weapon capable of inflicting horrific injuries and burns”.

Of more than 20 other defendants already sentenced, Doherty is the third to be jailed for four years — the other two being fellow north Belfast petrol bomber Hugh Martin (21) and Spanish student Roger Jarro Costa, who admitted throwing a concrete block at a female police officer.

Doherty, from Jamaica Street, Ardoyne, pleaded guilty to charges of rioting, throwing a petrol bomb, causing criminal damage to police Land Rovers and also to the theft and arson of a Toyota Yaris car.

Prosecution lawyer David Russell said that during police interviews Doherty had identified himself standing on the rooftop of a dentist’s premises at the Ardoyne Road. From there, officers were able to positively identify him committing other offences.

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