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RNLI lifeboat crew come to the aid of stricken yacht

THE RNLI Bangor lifeboat has helped with the rescue of a yacht which ran aground off Cultra last week.

At approximately 5.30pm on Monday, July 12, the Bangor lifeboat crew were called to assist a person onboard a yacht which |had run aground on the southern shores of Belfast Lough.

Belfast Coastguard, who received the initial report of the stranded vessel, requested the RNLI Bangor lifeboat to carry out the rescue.

Favourable wind and sea conditions allowed volunteer RNLI crew to attach a rope to the 24ft yacht and tow it safely from the sandbank to deeper water.

RNLI volunteer helmsman Peter Scott, who was involved in this rescue, said: “Large swells created |by passing fast ferries could have meant severe damage |to any vessel stranded on the foreshore in that location.

“By towing the yacht from the sandbank to deeper water, you are potentially preventing the yachtsman aboard getting into danger while trying to minimise damage to his boat.”

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