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RNLI lifeboats rescue yacht after crew became ill on journey to Belfast

RNLI lifeboats were dispatched to rescue the yacht.
RNLI lifeboats were dispatched to rescue the yacht.

RNLI's Red Bay lifeboats came to the rescue of a 28ft yacht after its crew became ill on the journey from Scotland to Belfast on Wednesday morning.

Four of the five-person crew became ill in challenging sea conditions and were unable to safely command the vessel.

They raised the alarm at 8.30am on Wednesday morning to ask for assistance.

The yacht's anchor had been dragging the vessel throughout the night.

Sea conditions off the Antrim coast were described by the lifeboat crew as "challenging" as easterly winds created rolling seas.

Once the alarm was raised, both Red Bay lifeboats were launched, and once they reached the scene two lifeboat crews were put aboard the yacht to bring it back to Cushendall.

Once on land, the yacht crew received medical assistance from paramedics.

Red Bay RNLI Skipper Paddy McLaughlin said the yacht crew had no option but to call for help.

"Conditions off the Antrim coast this morning are quite challenging, with rolling seas and easterly winds. This would have been a difficult passage for the crew, and they made the right call when they raised the alarm," Mr McLaughlin said.

"With the anchor dragging, it was becoming increasingly difficult for the crew to continue their journey and the motion of the vessel would have severely hampered their attempts."

The rescue was coordinated by Belfast coastguard and land-based coastguard teams from Ballycastle and Larne also attended.

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