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Road blocked amid new flags protest

Up to 300 loyalists have blocked roads in Carrickfergus as part of a protest over flags, police have said.

The crowd, some of whom used scarves to hide their identity, gathered at a roundabout between Albert Road and Belfast Road.

The demonstration, against a decision to restrict the flying of the Union flag over Belfast City Hall, ended peacefully after about an hour.

Traffic was disrupted for a time but the area has since returned to normal.

In east Belfast, bus services were disrupted because of a flag protest at Woodstock Link.

There were no reports of any disorder.

Loyalists across Northern Ireland have been protesting since councillors in Belfast voted on December 3 to limit the number of days they fly the Union flag. Violence has erupted at some of the pickets.

A number of politicians, including East Belfast MP Naomi Long from the cross-community Alliance Party, were issued with death threats.

There are plans for another demonstration outside Belfast City Hall this Saturday and organisers say they may picket Stormont later this month.


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