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Road chaos as Belfast's Westlink underpass floods again


Westbound lanes on the Broadway underpass in Belfast were closed last night due to heavy flooding.

The PSNI urged motorists to exercise "extreme caution" and diversions were put in place via Divis Street.

The underpass re-opened at around 10.30pm.

This section of the Westlink flooded in August 2008 when the underpass lay under 20ft of water.

It is thought the flooding was caused when the underground Clowney Water river overtopped its banks.

Work to prevent further similar flooding was completed in November 2009.

Frustrated drivers expressed their anger on Twitter last night.

"Stuck on the Westlink because the damn underpass at Broadway has flooded AGAIN!" wrote James Higgins.

"Broadway underpass flooded again?! Come on sort that out," tweeted Jordie McCluskey.

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