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Roads Service rapped for 'looting' kerbstones in north Belfast

By Amanda Poole

Granite kerbstones are being “looted” from north Belfast for use in other parts of the city, it has been claimed.

Anger is growing among residents, campaigners and politicians who are unhappy granite kerbstones are being removed and replaced with concrete kerbs.

Edward McCamley, secretary of the Cavehill Conservation Campaign and former head of history at Belfast Royal Academy, told the Belfast Telegraph he was horrified to discover Roads Service workmen digging up the granite kerbstones in the Castle Avenue area last week.

“I am very angry this part of the city is being looted to beautify other areas.

“The guys at the Roads Service are saying they are worn, but that is ridiculous. It’s exactly the same granite that has been in other streets since before World War II.”

Mr McCamley added: “The granite kerbstones are a very considerable asset to the cultural heritage of north Belfast.”

A Department for Regional Development spokesman said “it was decided to replace all kerbs with concrete kerbs”.

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