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Robbie Lawlor murder: Two charged with Belfast killing


Robbie Lawlor

Robbie Lawlor

Robbie Lawlor

Two men have been charged with the murder of Robbie Lawlor in Belfast.

The pair, aged aged 37 and 45, are to appear in court on Friday.

Lawlor, 36, was shot outside a house in Etna Drive in the north of the city on April 4.

Lawlor was a well-known Irish gangster who is believed to have been in the Ardoyne area to collect a drug debt when he was killed.

Gardai believed he, Lawlor, had been involved in a number of murders including that of the killing of Keane Mulready Woods.

The 17-year-old was abducted, killed and dismembered in January before his remains were dumped across different parts of Dublin.

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