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Robert Hamill murder report complete

The Government has confirmed it has finished a legal check of a report into the sectarian murder of Catholic man Robert Hamill.

Secretary of State Owen Paterson said there was nothing in the findings of the public inquiry into the case that posed a risk to individuals and so the report could eventually be published in full.

But he repeated his plan to delay its release until the conclusion of the prosecutions against three people, including a former police officer, in connection with the case.

The report will be held in a secure location until it can be published.

Mr Hamill (25) was beaten to death by a loyalist mob in the predominantly Protestant town of Portadown, Co Armagh, in 1997 as he walked home after a night out with friends.

Controversy has focused on allegations that armed police at the scene failed to intervene to prevent the attack

No-one has been convicted of the murder of the father of three.

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