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Robert McCartney's sister fails in job loss tribunal case

By Victoria O’Hara

The sister of IRA murder victim Robert McCartney has lost an employment tribunal case in which she claimed that she had suffered political discrimination.

Catherine McCartney, who took the case against her former employer Women Into Politics, also sued them, alleging unfair dismissal and harassment.

She also took an employment case against the Training for Women Network (TWN) which she claimed conspired with her employer to dismiss her when her contract expired last September because of her family’s campaign to bring her brother’s killers to justice.

Ms McCartney — whose brother Robert was murdered in Belfast in 2005 — worked as dialogue programme co-ordinator, a position which was funded through TWN.

She claimed that she had been made redundant from her job due to a conspiracy directed by people who resented her campaigning role. The tribunal, however, ruled that there was “no evidence whatsoever” of a conspiracy.

It added that her case was inconsistent and contained “inherent improbabilities”.

The tribunal found she had been made redundant when funding for her job ran out.

In a statement, Ms McCartney said: “I completely and absolutely reject the findings of the tribunal and am now taking legal advice which I didn't have during the case.”

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