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Robert McCartney's sister says Sinn Fein claims about IRA are childish

Catherine McCartney
Catherine McCartney
Robert McCartney
Suzanne Breen

By Suzanne Breen

A sister of a man murdered by the IRA said the organisation exists just as much as it did when Robert McCartney was stabbed to death 10 years ago.

Catherine McCartney said yesterday that Bobby Storey's claims that the IRA was the 'caterpillar' which had become a 'butterfly' and flown away were "so childish and immature that they can't be taken seriously".

She said: "Bobby Storey's remarks are on the same level as Gerry Adams' Twitterfeed. That's the way they should be treated. They carry no intellectual weight whatsoever.

"It's not an in-depth political statement he delivered, it's absolute nonsense. I am no more convinced that the IRA has gone away now than I was 10 years ago when Robert was murdered.

"It will take more than bedtime stories to convince ordinary people that the IRA has gone away. Are they saying now that it was butterflies that killed Kevin McGuigan?"

Ms McCartney said that rather than issue "silly statements" Sinn Fein would be better dealing with the situation honestly and attempting to put right crimes the IRA had committed.

"They could do something practical like tell the truth that the Provos killed Paul Quinn and withdraw the slur that Paul was a criminal," she stated.

"Taking steps like that could give people faith and confidence that they were moving on. Instead the position is 'deny, deny, deny'."

Ms McCartney said she had recently spoken with the McGuigan family. "They and everybody on the streets of the Short Strand know the IRA killed Kevin.

"His murder is centre-stage because this time the IRA used guns. But nobody should be fixated just because it was guns involved. The IRA killed Robert with a knife and they beat Paul Quinn to death with iron bars. They use whatever is at hand."

Robert McCartney was beaten and stabbed to death outside Magennis's bar in January 2005. No one has ever been convicted in connection with his murder.

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