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Robinson may consider immunity plan

Northern Ireland's first minister has said he is not averse to considering proposals offering immunity from prosecution in return for information on Troubles murders.

Peter Robinson said his Democratic Unionist Party would oppose any blanket amnesty.

Dr Richard Haass is hosting talks in Northern Ireland aimed at resolving disputes over flags, parades and the past.

The former US envoy has said there was a "sense of urgency" about the discussions he is holding with each of the five biggest political parties and added he is considering what sort of incentives might be used.

Mr Robinson told the BBC: "I think we need to look at what he's saying by way of immunity - is that immunity for all time over those actions, or is it a limited immunity, such as we have for instance with the decommissioning legislation?

"I think we'll look at what the proposition is and judge it when we see the detail."

The negotiations are due to finish by the end of this year.


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