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Robinson slams SF's 'fear of SDLP'

Sinn Fein's fear of the SDLP is paralysing some decisions at the Executive, Peter Robinson has claimed.

The DUP leader lambasted republicans for voting against the Welfare Reform Bill and accused them of ducking difficult decisions.

He said Sinn Fein lacked the courage to oppose the SDLP on welfare and pension reform and parades.

"This has been bad for community relations and bad for government," he said.

He made the remarks to the Blossomhill party branch in West Tyrone on Tuesday night.

"The result is not increased electoral support for the SDLP, just further gridlock as the nationalist parties struggle to come to terms with reality," he said.

The First Minister added: "Too often Alex Attwood's position one day is Sinn Fein's the next. Or worse still, a fear of what the SDLP will say or do can often paralyse their ability to take decisions.

"There was a time when we could have been accused of looking over our shoulders at our political opponents but that time is long gone.

"We learnt that lesson. We were elected with a mandate to deliver for the people of Northern Ireland and we will not be diverted from it.

"Because to allow smaller parties to set the agenda, or to dictate your position, is the road to ruin."


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