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Rogue dirt-bike rider still ‘terrorising’ locals

by Natalie Gorman

The “dangerous dirt bike rider” who has allegedly been “terrorising” Linear Park users and road users continues to evade the authorities — despite numerous complaints and called-in sightings to the PSNI.

The last report of the “wanton” motorcyclist on a yellow scrambler was logged just yesterday morning.

One Bangor resident whose wife was reportedly almost hit by the dirt bike last Sunday told the Community Telegraph: “He is going to kill himself on that thing, or worse, someone else.

“I know who it is and reported it to the police, I didn’t even mention my wife was almost hit on Sunday —there doesn’t seem to be much point, they say they can’t do anything unless they see him do it, manage to pursue and catch him. It’s ridiculous.

“When I gave his name the police officer on the end of the phone didn’t seem to be too bothered about this information at all. It’s like they don’t want to know.

“My grown-up child has seen this rider get stopped by the police — he was driving the scrambler on the road. The police officers just told him to get off it and walk it home.

“I don’t know, it seems their hands are tied and there is nothing the public can do. Everyone is too afraid to film him or take a photo of him in action — he’s the type that would terrorise you if you did — I’ve seen it happen.

“Even after the article appeared in the Community Telegraph last week he’s been out on the scrambler every day since.”

Last week Paul Maine, a father of two young children described how the rider allegedly drove into his family during their visit to the park.

Speaking yesterday, Mr Maine said: “I’m not surprised at all to hear that another person feels like they have been just passed off by the police after reporting this guy. It was like that when I called them — they don’t appear to be too concerned in catching this guy, it’s strange I don’t know why.

“They haven’t contacted me since this happened to see if I had anymore information — they hadn’t asked me for a statement |or anything like that when I |reported it.”

Yesterday, a police spokesperson said: “It’s imperative that people keep calling us if they see a scrambler rider driving dangerously.

“Police Bangor have had four complaints regarding the misuse of a scrambler type motorbike in the Linear Park area of Bangor.

“Officers have responded to these calls. In one instance, the offending vehicle made off through one of the numerous exits from the park.

“An officer has been proactively patrolling the area on a suitable motorbike, in an effort to stop the offending vehicle and speak to its rider.

“The PSNI has the power to seize any vehicle which is causing or is likely to cause alarm, distress or annoyance to members of the public. People who use bikes or quads in this manner are breaking the law.”

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