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Romantic Paris trip ruined because Easyjet didn't like the look of my valid passport


Adam Clarke and his girlfriend Megan Meenan with their passports yesterday

Adam Clarke and his girlfriend Megan Meenan with their passports yesterday

Adam Clarke and his girlfriend Megan Meenan with their passports yesterday

A couple's romantic trip to Paris was ruined after Easyjet staff at Belfast International Airport queried the validity of a man's passport - even though it doesn't go out of date until next year.

Adam Clarke (25) and his girlfriend Megan Meenan (23) from Derry were about to board an Easyjet flight for their dream holiday to the French capital when a member of the airline's staff told Adam there was a problem with his passport.

The couple said this member of staff contacted the duty manager four times in order to clarify if Mr Clarke's passport was acceptable - but the manager failed to show.

Ms Meenan was left in tears as the plane took off without them - and are now out of pocket to the tune of £1,000.

They said Adam had used his passport without any problem at the same airport six months ago, and they are angry at the way they have been treated.

Megan said what should have been a holiday of a lifetime has turned into a nightmare.

She said: "We were so excited about this trip and I had planned it in great detail. We have never been before but I had a whole list of the attractions we would see while we were there, so you can imagine how excited we were arriving at the airport.

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"No one asked to see our passports while we were going through the check-in process, they just scanned our boarding passes and it was only as we were about to step out of the airport to get on board the plane that we were asked to have our passports ready.

"There was no issue with mine but when the girl looked at Adam's she stopped him and started asking all these questions about whether it was valid or not.

"His passport is one of the old British passports issued nine years ago - but it is still in date for another year.

"He used it four times over the last 12 months including on a flight to Spain from Belfast International six months ago and also including on a flight by Easyjet, and there was absolutely no problem with it.

"The girl contacted the duty manager four times but no one came, so she called another member of staff. She then asked if Adam had any other form of ID and Adam showed her his driving licence and that girl agreed that it was Adam in both documents.

"The duty manager was talking to the Easyjet staff member on the phone but didn't bother turning up to sort it out and I couldn't believe it when we were told that Adam couldn't get on the plane.

"To add insult to injury she said I could go on ahead myself because there was no issue with my passport."

In a distressed state the couple were stranded in the airport, the plans in tatters and so went to find the duty manager themselves.

Megan continued: "I was in tears watching that plane take off without us, but we then had to trek through the airport to find this duty manager.

"She looked at Adam's passport and then suggested we could buy two more tickets to Paris for £65 each but then told us there would be no guarantee we would be able to get on the plane with Adam's passport."


"Easyjet works closely with the authorities and complies with their guidance to ensure the safety and security of all passengers and staff.

"Therefore, Easyjet cannot allow any passenger to travel on their planned flight with documentation damaged to such a degree that its authenticity is brought into question.

"It is the passenger's responsibility to have suitable documentation for travel.

"We would like to apologise for any inconvenience."

Easyjet spokesperson

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