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Ronan's killers 'must be caught'

Ronan Kerr's killers must be caught to prevent another life being taken, his brother said.

Cathair Kerr said the policeman was more than his younger brother, he was also his best friend.

A year on from the murder, the 27-year-old said it was important those responsible were brought to justice.

"It could save another life," he said.

"If they can take Ronan's life, they can take someone else's. That's the main thing. It's not going to bring Ronan back but it could save someone else."

Mr Kerr was on his way back to Northern Ireland from his adopted home in Sydney, Australia, when he found out the tragic news by chance, logging on to the internet on his phone to check the football scores.

"I was sitting in Sydney airport on the way home and I had just checked-in on Facebook to the airport, the first person to comment on it was Ronan and I was straight on instant messenger to him.

"Man United was playing that day so I wanted to check when I got to Abu Dhabi the football result and I logged onto Facebook again and everything was about Ronan, in the past tense.

"I didn't know how or why, I just knew he was dead. It was tough, just a big shock. I just passed it to my girlfriend who was sitting beside me and didn't say anything.

"I tried to get through to mum and just asked 'was it true?', and it was."

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