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Ronnie Corbett was really kind and so lovely to me, recalls NI singer Clodagh

By Peter Robertson

Northern Ireland singer Clodagh Rodgers has told of her special bond with Ronnie Corbett.

The 69-year-old, who met the diminutive comic shortly after she represented the UK at the 1971 Eurovision Song Contest, said: "I worked with Ronnie for years. I did Cinderella at The London Palladium with him, which ran for four months twice daily, and then we toured that pantomime for three years.

"Then I did a lot of variety with him when it was just him and I on the show. I did The Ronnie Corbett Show loads of times, and I did The Two Ronnies, so I worked with him on and off for decades. He liked the fine things in life, like nice clothes and good food. In fact, when I was 22, he took me for the first Indian meal I ever had.

"You had to know what you were doing, know your lines and your script. He was very much a stickler for that. He was a perfectionist. He and I just connected. There were very few people Ronnie really connected with, but he really got on well with me.

"We worked very well together. He was very funny and witty and really kind. If he liked you, he really stepped up to the line for you. He was so lovely to me."

Clodagh revealed that she also received a Christmas card from the entertainer and his wife, Anne, every year.

"I last spoke to him about 18 months ago and we kept saying we must get together again," she added. "Sadly, we weren't able to do it. His wife and daughters will be broken-hearted. I want to give Anne a call, but I suspect her phone is ringing off the hook today. They were so close. She was fantastic with him - she did everything to make his home life comfortable and even gave up her career as a showgirl to be Mrs Corbett.

"I am so sad that he never became Sir Ronnie Corbett. He should have been knighted. Why didn't they give him a knighthood? I think that's awful, and I've been saying that every year."

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