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Rory McIlroy hits gym and Sasha Gale goes back to work

By Maureen Coleman

Rory McIlroy and his new love interest are both back at work - in two very different worlds - after celebrating his Open win together.

After three days of partying to mark winning his third golf Major at the age of just 25, the sports star yesterday flew back to England for a return to intense fitness training.

Meanwhile, his new love interest, part-time model Sasha Gale, was also back at her job as a receptionist at a car dealership in Belfast.

While the pretty young Lisburn woman was at her desk at Seat Agnew, her rumoured boyfriend of five weeks posted a series of pictures of him training in a lab for elite sports performance.

"Back to work today. #betterneverstops," he wrote.

The pictures show him running, pressing weights and lying in what looks like an oxygen tank at the GSK Human Performance Lab in south east England.

The facility boasts having the world's most advanced sports technology, scientists and research. In the final picture, the Holywood golfer can be seen lying on the floor looking exhausted. The star's return to training comes just three days after he clinched The Open Championship title.

Since then, speculation has intensified over the mystery brunette seen by his side during celebrations in both Liverpool and then Belfast.

Yesterday it emerged he's been dating Sasha for the past five weeks. He was spotted with the 23-year-old following a cosy lunch at the Chelsea bar in Belfast earlier this week.

In recent weeks McIlroy had been romantically linked with top Irish model Nadia Forde, another brown-eyed brunette, but both denied the rumours.

But his celebratory lunch with Miss Gale, a former model with the Alison Campbell Agency in Belfast and a Miss Northern Ireland contestant, has ended ongoing speculation about his love life.

And while bookies are already taking bets on McIlroy settling down with his new woman, Miss Gale has refused to comment on the reports of her blossoming relationship.

When contacted yesterday at Seat Agnew, she said she did not wish to talk to the Press.

Described by friends and former colleagues as a "lovely, bubbly girl", Miss Gale lists her interests on Twitter as "fashion, whiskey and sunshine. Keen bean for travelling. Foodie. Fast cars make me happy".

Her interest in cars has seen her work previously at Bavarian Miniin Belfast for several years, before joining British Airways as cabin crew for eight months in 2013. But she returned to her love of motors at the start of this year with Seat Agnew.

A regular clubber, who counts the Box, Villa and El Divino among her favourite Belfast haunts, it is understood she met McIlroy at a party last month.

On July 1 her Twitter account showed that she had only started following her new beau on the social networking site.

She also posted on Twitter that "being small is a blessing – I call it travel-sized". Just last week, McIlroy's former tennis star fiancée Caroline Wozniacki – who he split with two months ago – took a public swipe at the golfer about his height. She posted a picture of herself wearing high heels, with the caption 'Out and about in Istanbul. It's been 3 years since I have worn heels on a normal day out.'

Friends of Miss Gale say she is a good match for McIlroy and that the pair get on very well.

One said: "Sasha is very independent and has a lot of interests and friends. She's professional and takes her work seriously. She has a lot going on in her life."

Multi-millionaire golfer who has a fair way with the ladies

By Frances Burscough

Blimey, that Rory McIlroy is a fast worker isn't he? It's only a matter of weeks since he sensationally split from Caroline Wozniacki (just days after their wedding invitations were posted out) and for a while it was clear that he was sticking to his reason, ie that he wanted to concentrate on perfecting his golfing game.

Now, however, after succeeding so spectacularly and clinching his third major title, the Open Championship, he's wasted no time at all in catching up on the dating game too. Just a few weeks' ago, he was being linked to a young woman called Nadia Forde, a 25-year-old tanned brunette lingerie model and socialite from Dublin.

Such was the excitement when she was spotted with 'the UK's most eligible man' in recent times, one national newspaper suggested that this was a "budding romance" and that she had in fact been "the driving force" behind his outstanding performance. The pair each denied any romance and by the following day he was out with a different brunette.

Enter Sasha Gale from Lisburn, another beautiful 20-something brunette and part-time model, who was seen accompanying the golfer to drinks at the Chelsea and lunch at The Albany on Lisburn Road in Belfast.

Of course the paparazzi were there to record the events for tabloid posterity. Within hours the same people that only one day earlier had been virtually marrying him off to a certain Ms Forde were now excited and delighted to announce to the world that Rory was indeed in a "blossoming relationship" with Ms Gale whom he had actually been dating for five weeks! No doubt they'll be calling them "Rasha" before long.

So it's all a bit confusing at present. It seems like the whole world won't rest until Rory is pigeon-holed yet again into a nice, neat, consumer-friendly and photogenic double act.

In the meantime I'm sure even Rory doesn't know exactly what's going on, except of course that a constant stream of pretty women seem to be appearing before his eyes everywhere he goes.

Of course he's playing the field. Who wouldn't in the same circumstances?

It'd be rude not to!

Look, as far as we know, he's just a hugely successful world-famous multi-millionaire who can doubtless have his pick and choice of a vast colony of pretty girls the world over.

Fair play to him, he's done a lot to get this far and he deserves to have some fun now.

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