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Rory McIlroy's dad earns 'nice little bonus' after bet

By Rebecca Black

A bookmakers has confirmed that it will pay out nearly £200,000 on 10-year-old bets that Rory McIlroy would win The Open.

A spokesman for Ladbrokes has confirmed that it had held three bets that will allow Rory McIlroy's father Gerry and his friends to make almost £200,000 as a result of his son's victory at Hoylake.

Ladbrokes' Rachel Bridge said that a £200 bet – believed to be made by McIlroy's father – was placed at 500/1 in 2004 for his son to win within 10 years. That bet will pay out around £100,000.

Two other bets, which are understood to have been placed by friends of the McIlroy family, were placed in 2005. Those were for £200 at 250/1 for him to win The Open by 2015 and £200 at 150/1 for McIlroy to win The Open before age 50, culminating in a combined payout of around £80,000.

Ms Bridge said such long-term bets are risky. "We take the chance on bets like these," she said. "We can make a lot money, but it's a big risk if one comes through. Unfortunately, on this one, we have egg on our face. Rory's father and his friends are having Champagne on us."

Rory called the bet "a nice little bonus".

"They're going to be very happy," he said.

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