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Rory McIlroy's secret for success - squats and broccoli

By John Mulgrew

What' makes Rory McIlroy the world's best golfer?

The 22-year-old from Holywood has always had sublime golfing talent, but an upsurge in his recent form has seen him soar to world number one following a series of dynamic displays.

The answer is an intense training regime organised by one of the world's best fitness trainers.

The US Open winner has undergone a remarkable change in physique in the last year under the direction of British trainer Dr Steve McGregor.

At 5ft 10ins tall Rory has always weighed around 160lbs — but now this is mostly muscle, his body fat levels having plummeted.

Dr McGregor is no stranger to overhauling young golfing greats, having previously worked with Lee Westwood — now third in the world.

In a sport where fitness levels differ immensely across players of all ages, Rory has attributed his good form to his new strength and muscular physique.

Having already been driving the ball over 300 yards for some time, his new build has helped him fend off the likes of Tiger Woods, as well as storming to a record victory at Congressional in Bethesda — claiming the US Open title.

Speaking to Men's Health magazine, the Co Down superstar said that his new body was the foundation of his recent successes.

“I feel a lot more stable in my golf swing. There’s a lot less moving parts,” McIlroy added.

“The lower-body work stabilised all the power I had generated on the way down. I could generate the power, but I needed the stability to hold onto it.”

Rory was wired up to measure the firing of various muscles used during his swing in order to best establish his new regime.

His trainer then began working on balancing discrepancies between his strong right side and weaker left — through a series of intense workouts.

That included a lot of single-arm and single-leg work, involving dumbbell presses and split squats.

McGregor focused on the 22-year-old's lower body — said to be the true source of his power.

By the summer of last year McIlroy had become tighter and leaner — dropping his body fat from 22% to 16% — thanks to a combination of extensive training and healthy eating, which included lots of broccoli and chicken.

Fans will be crossing their fingers that the new and improved Rory is now ready to tackle The Masters at Augusta in just a few weeks.

The no1’s training regime

  • Lower-body work to “stabilise” power
  • Focus on balancing his strong right side and weaker left
  • Single-arm and single-leg work
  • Dumbbell presses
  • Split squats
  • Eating lots of chicken and broccoli

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