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Rory McIlroy's suit: Check out the rule that tells us less is more

By Frances Burscough

Golfers aren't generally known for their impeccable dress sense are they? In fact poking fun at their sartorial choices has almost become a sport in itself in recent years.

I should know; as a fashion correspondent I have been called in to comment on the bizarre styles appearing at golf courses just as often as I've written fashion show reviews.

It's almost as though they do it on purpose, leaving any sense of personal pride in the locker rooms before they saunter out onto the putting green looking like Sideshow Bob on his way to a fancy dress party.

Oh, the chequerboard plus fours! The black and white studded, laced and fringed brogues! The insipid coloured pull-overs and contrasting Fred Perry shirts! The fingerless gloves and fluorescent visors!

Any one of these would raise an eyebrow anywhere outside of the 19th hole, but all together at once? Why don't they just go the whole hog and wear a silly curly wig too, to complete the picture?

Whoever first came up with these golfing staples really has a lot to answer for. But, as a rule, what goes on the fairway, stays on the fairway. Once the match is over, they normally doff their vinyl visors, fold away their mis-matching melanges and return to the real world.

However, someone really ought to tell this to Rory McIlroy. Once he's handed his irons back to the caddy, shaken up a magnum of bubbly and kissed his silverware for the cameras it's time to step away from the clown outfits and slip into something more comfortable.

Instead, he turned up to a personal appearance at Old Trafford on Saturday, doing a lap of honour with his famous Claret Jug looking like he was on his way to audition for the parish hall production of Toad of Toad Hall.

So what was he thinking? Well, I suspect he read somewhere that bold black, white and grey Prince of Wales check was making a comeback in menswear. But, being a golfer and therefore blissfully unaware of the rule that less is more, he just ordered everything in that one design. I wouldn't be surprised if his underwear was checked too.

Suits you sir? As much as I love our Rory I have to say no.

I'm sorry to tell you sir that your check has bounced.

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